All systems in place for UPP Women’s Forum major fundraiser on Thursday

The United Progressive Party Women’s Forum is putting its final preparations in place for its annual Pork Fest tomorrow (December 9), which will be a grab and go version.

A wide variety of pork dishes will be on sale running from $15 to $25 portions.

D. Gisele Isaac, one of the organizers, tells us a little more about what will be on sale.

Isaac says that other meat dishes will also be on sale for those who are not a fan of pork.

A variety of local juices will also be on sale and includes Mauby, lemonade, ginger beer, sorrel and a mixture with cucumber.

Isaac is inviting everyone to come out to the event which starts at midday.

She says no food will be held for anyone, so people should come out early and partake in the activity.

All COVID-19 protocols will be in place and no food will be served to unmasked individuals, Isaac says.