Apartment complex on Tindale Road is site of a series of break-ins that left three women robbed and one wounded

A spate of burglaries that occurred at a well-known apartment complex on Tindale Road, over the weekend, is now being probed by the police.

Reports say that three female tenants of the Bargain Center Apartments – one of whom came face-to-face with the intruder – are the most recent victims, as acquisition crimes continue unabated across the island.

Further reports say the occupant of one apartment telephoned the Grays Farm Police Station and complained that she had been robbed of her black handbag, containing $640, US$44, and eyeglasses valued at $1,900.

The victim said she arrived home at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 26, and met her front door open.

She reportedly went into the bathroom and, upon exiting, was attacked by an intruder who instructed her not to move or scream.

The man is then alleged to have picked up a can of Red Bull, which was on a nearby table, and hit the woman on the ear, causing her to sustain a wound.

Reportedly, the victim then ran out of the room with the intruder chasing her, and he allegedly snatched her bag, containing the money and eyeglasses, before making good his escape.

Reports say the intruder had removed the screen from a southern living room window that had been closed, but not locked, to gain entry into the apartment.

He then ransacked the placed – but was interrupted by the arrival of the woman before he could actually take anything.

A source says the police carried out a search for any suspicious persons, and three people were detained in connection with the report: a 27-year-old Kentish Road man; a 21-year-old Lower Ottos male; and a 36-year-old Tindale Road resident.

Reportedly, these same men were also held for questioning in relation to a separate incident at the same apartment complex that morning.

Allegations are that another apartment was also broken into at about 4:30 a.m. on February 26.

Reports say the victim went to sleep at about midnight, and was awakened by the screams of another woman in the complex.

She immediately sat up; but while getting out of bed she stepped onto several drawers, which had been pulled out from the chest and were laid out on the floor next to her bed.

As a result, she made a check of her apartment.  She discovered that her grey-and-black work handbag – which had been on a chair in her bedroom – was now in the front room, and the keys to her black Toyota Vitz car were missing.

She then looked out of her bedroom window to see if the car had been taken; but it was still there.

According to reports, having made a search of the vehicle, she discovered that $4,000 – which had been in her wallet inside the car – was missing.

The intruder reportedly had entered the apartment through a northern kitchen window, which also was closed but not locked, after removing the screen. The person eventually made an exit through the front door.

The police who visited the scene reportedly made checks of the woman’s car, which was in a parking lot on the south side of the complex, and observed that it had been ransacked, with the keys left inside.

Meanwhile, in yet another incident, at about the same time of the morning (4:30 a.m.) a third apartment was broken into and money stolen.

Reports say the female occupant had gone to sleep at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 25, forgetting to pull the deadbolt on her front door.

She, too, was awakened by a scream outside her apartment.  As a result, she got up and discovered that her front door was open and her black handbag – which had been on a bedroom chair – was now in the front room.

She then searched her bag and realized that $600 in cash was missing.

Apparently, the intruder had used a hard flat implement to pry open the front door lock and gain entry into the apartment.