Tabor says attempts to hold actress responsible for Tourism’s blunder are distasteful and a bigger fall-out could occur

Minister of Tourism Charles “Max” Fernandez should dismiss those responsible for the fiasco involving Angela Bassett, says Damani Tabor, the United Progressive Party’s public relations officer.

The blame game has commenced; but Tabor says that attempts by Government Spokesman Lionel “Max” Hurst to put the responsibility on the Hollywood actress are distasteful.

He says that a bigger fall-out could occur over this drama, since there are persons now blaming Bassett and her legal team – for the use of her image and name in promotional materials – and accusing them of trying to obtain tax exemptions, in this manner, in the United States.

Tabor says the concept was a good one – but was poorly executed. He notes that the UPP Administration had utilized more local personalities to promote tourism, and he advises the Government to make use of Team Antigua Island Girls’ international potential.

Incidentally, Tabor recalls that R&B singer Mary J. Blige was appointed a cultural ambassador by the Browne Administration, and the country is yet to see any benefits from this relationship.