Sources say insiders are trying to taint investigation into fraud allegations against connected Chinese woman

Inside sources are denying that a well-known criminal investigation officer
whose name and photograph have made the rounds over the past few days –
branding the policeman a “compromised officer” – is the investigator in the
recently revealed $28 million fraud case against a Chinese businesswoman.

The officer, said to be an attorney, was accused of compromising the
investigation. However, the sources say that senior police officials have since
confirmed that the pictured officer had been out of the country since
September 2023 and returned here less than a week ago.

On his return, the officer reportedly was driving an SUV that had been loaned
to him – and not gifted to him, as alleged – by a local business man.
It appears that there are concerted efforts from within the Police Force to taint
the investigation into the dealings of the Asian woman, who is a naturalized
citizen of Antigua and Barbuda and is alleged to hold a diplomatic passport as
an economic envoy.

She is accused of converting properties bought with funds remitted by an
offshore Chinese investor into her own name. The matter was reported, in
2023, to the Criminal Investigation Department.

According to court documents, the lawyer representing the accused woman
has alleged that information related to the case was removed when her office
was burglarized last month, May 2024, and her computer was tampered with.
The sources claim there were attempts to implicate the police officer in
question, but he was not on island at the time of the offense.

Interestingly, there was a fire at the chambers of another lawyer associated
with the Asian woman, and documents reportedly were lost in that instance,

Further, it is alleged that complaints were made that the offshore investor was
stalking the accused at her home – but the sources say the reports were false,
as the Chinese man was not in the country.

The sources say the case is actually under investigation by a senior
investigator who has been in possession of all the documentation related to
this matter and by the Proceeds of Crime Unit, since November 2023,
REAL News has reported that when investigators were about to execute a
search warrant of the Chinese woman’s premises, Government officials
allegedly called Police Headquarters and instructed the officers to stop.

Now, the sources allege that they had begun the search but had to exit the
property, leaving all the evidence found behind.

All eyes are now on this investigation to see if the rich are being protected
from prosecution.