CBH ramps up inspections, treating, and fogging exercises to keep down mosquito population

Julene Mannix, the acting principal public health inspector at the
Central Board of Health (CBH), says the agency has increased its
teams to deal with the increasing mosquito population and
ultimately reduce the spread of dengue fever.

Mannix says these teams have been going out during the early-
morning hours, checking and treating water sources, including
drains, in an effort to kill the mosquitoes, especially the Aedes
Aegypti, which is the carrier of dengue fever.
Additionally, Mannix says the fogging team has also increased its
exercises in various communities across the island.
A schedule has been put in place to advise residents of when these
exercises will take place, since the teams are going out in the early
hours and in the evening.
According to Mannix, the locations that have been targeted are those
where there have been confirmed or suspected cases of dengue
Mannix says the Central Board of Health has heard the cries of the
people, many of whom have complained of being unable to sit on
their verandahs because of the insects.

According to the senior officer, residents should continue to follow
the advice of CBH officials: to cover water-storage containers
around the home in order to reduce the mosquito population.