Addison Browne convicted of rape of a minor, while Lovell says politicians in glass houses should not throw stones

The relative of a prominent politician has been convicted of a sexual offence in the High Court of Justice.

Reports say that 43-year-old Addison Browne was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in a vehicle, after having restrained her. Following a trial, a nine-member jury of his peers returned a guilty verdict.

REAL News understands that the jury deliberated for a little over three hours before returning a unanimous decision.

Browne will be sentenced on July 16, after the court receives a social-inquiry report, sources say.

Meanwhile, some residents say it is ironic that Addison Browne has been convicted for this crime when Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been busy making such accusations against United Progressive Party (UPP) candidates.

For months on his affiliated radio station, the Prime Minister has made snide remarks and allegations about his political opponents –

shocking some residents, who pointed to his Cabinet colleague’s recent troubles with such accusations.