Sean Bird says rumours that he is leaving UPP are meant to sow discord, while certain persons are hoping and praying he closes down ZDK Radio

St. John’s Rural East caretaker Sean Bird is denying rumours that he is set to
tender his resignation from the United Progressive Party (UPP) and
discounting some persons’ claims to have information to that effect.
Bird says he has not penned any letter of resignation, nor has he sent anyone
with a message saying that he is leaving the Party.
However, he adds, he is not at all surprised by the claims, since there are
persons within certain spheres who are ready to sow seeds of discord and to
say anything to achieve a particular objective.

According to Bird, though, if he is unsuccessful in his second bid to take the
Rural East constituency from the prime minister’s wife, Maria Browne, he
might just call it quits.

But, as it stands now, once the Branch reposes confidence in him and votes for
him to continue into the next polls, he is ready to serve, Bird says.

Meanwhile, responding to another allegation – that he is preparing to close
down the family-owned and operated radio station, ZDK – Bird, who now
manages the company, says this also is not true.
Bird reports that there was a level of sabotage taking place within the
organization of which he was not aware, since, at that time, he was busy
campaigning for the 2023 General Election.

He says there was pressure coming from persons in high political positions,
with them praying and hoping that the decades-old radio station – a once-
strong mouthpiece of the Bird regime – was actually closing.
And Bird admits that he has had a lot to deal with, as there is pressure coming
to bear from all quarters, including from family members.

That was Sean Bird, UPP caretaker for St. John’s Rural East and managing
director of ZDK Radio.