Multiple wounding incidents leave three people injured; Police investigating

Separate wounding incidents have left three people nursing varying injuries about the body.

Reports are that a Villa man was wounded about his body with a sharp implement during an altercation.

Further reports are that officers went to Villa after receiving a report of the incident from a police corporal. 

Reportedly on arrival at the scene officers met the victim lying on the ground and he told them that while walking from a shop in the area he was attacked by several males who were standing at the corner of Hands Street.

He reportedly sustained several wounds about his body and head and was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre after being issued with a medical form.

Doctors at the hospital say that his injuries are not life threatening.

A search was carried out for the perpetrators without success.

This offence reportedly occurred about 9:30pm on February 5.

In another incident, a 911 operator telephoned the Gray’s Farm Police Station and reported that a man had received a wound to his leg and as a result the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was dispatched to Federation Road.

Reports are that as a result officers visited the scene and saw a Villa man lying on a stretcher in the ambulance with a bandage wrapped around his right leg.

He was reportedly interviewed and he told the police that while walking along Federation Road he was attacked from behind by an unknown person wearing a mask.

He too was issued with a Police Medical Form to consult a doctor.

This offence reportedly occurred about 5pm on February 5.

Meanwhile, in yet another wounding incident, there was an altercation on lower All Saints Road on Monday (February 6) about 5pm when a man was beaten with a wooden baseball bat.

Reports are that the victim, 34, was sitting inside the Ye-Feng Chinese Restaurant when an unknown man, who is said to be about 5’9” in height, of a stocky build, fair in complexion, entered the restaurant and began to hit the victim with the baseball bat.

The perpetrator, who was clad in a brown coloured shirt and pants, apparently then ran off in a northerly direction.

Evidence of the attack was visible as what appeared to be blood spatter could be seen on the floor and walls of the restaurant.

The Bendals Village man was seen by the police lying on a bed in the Emergency Room of the hospital with a splint on his left leg and a bandage around his head.

Reports are that the victim sustained two lacerations to the back of his head and a fractured left leg.

The 34-year-old man is said to be in a stable condition and should have received further treatment and then released.