Police occupied with three separate wounding incidents, all on the same day

Three separate wounding incidents are being investigated by the
Police, all occurring on Tuesday, March 12, in different areas, with
one involving injury with a machete.

Reports say that a 911 operator telephoned the Willikies Police
Station and informed officers that there had been a wounding in the
village in the vicinity of the ice cream parlor.

It is alleged that the victim, a 23-year-old Powells Estate man, and
the alleged offender both work with the same landscaping company.
However, on March 11, they had a verbal altercation, and the
supervisor reprimanded both, while the alleged offender was sent

Further reports say that the following day, when they were going
home from work at about 3:15 p.m., the work truck stopped to allow
the alleged offender to get off.

As soon as he dismounted the truck, it is alleged that the aggrieved
man pulled the victim to the ground and began to beat and chop
him about the body with a cutlass.

The victim is alleged to have sustained two wounds, one to his right
bicep and the other to his lower back in the region of his buttocks.

His injures reportedly are not life threatening, but he required five
stitches to close the wounds.

A search was carried out for the alleged offender, but without
success. However, the Police were able to find him subsequently and
he was arrested and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, a corporal notified her colleagues that there had been a
wounding in the vicinity of her Jennings New Extension residence.
That matter was reported to the Bolans Police Station at about 5:50
p.m. on March 12.

Reports say that a neighbourhood woman was babysitting her
sister’s children when she was approached by two brothers who
were armed with a cutlass and a knife.

They allegedly inquired of the woman about a bicycle belonging to

Apparently unaware of what they were asking about, and since she
could not provide them with any meaningful information, both men
reportedly began to act in a disorderly manner, asking for her
boyfriend and her brother.

It is alleged that she immediately informed her boyfriend and,
shortly after, an altercation ensued between all parties. During the
confrontation, the alleged offenders inflicted injuries to her
boyfriend and brother.

The brothers then made their escape on foot.
The Police carried out a search for the alleged offenders
immediately after the incident but without success.
Both victims were taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by a
private vehicle.

Reports say they were in a stable condition; however, one was
admitted for further observation while the other was treated and

Inquiries are ongoing into this incident. 

In the meantime, a 19-year-old Jennings woman went to the Bolans
Police Station and reported that she had been wounded by a man
she knows as “Shaquan.”

This offence reportedly occurred at about 6 p.m. in Jennings.
Reportedly, the woman had just arrived home when she was
confronted by the man in her yard.

It is alleged that, upon seeing her, he walked up to her and struck
her on the left side of her face with a stick.

The Police were able to retrieve the alleged weapon used to commit
the offence.

Inquiries also continue into this matter.