Police make a breakthrough in their investigations into the Clare Hall School security breach

The police have made a breakthrough in the matter in which two young men breached the security of the Clare Hall Secondary School.

One of them was arrested and charged by the police for trespassing and for carrying an offensive weapon – a golf club.

He was taken before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh on Tuesday (February 7) and after pleading not guilty to the charges he was remanded to His Majesty’s Prison.

Reportedly the 19-year-old is to be tried sometime in April.

The police are reportedly still on the hunt for his accomplice, who was reportedly armed with a cutlass.

Both young men, who reportedly tried to hide their identity by wearing hooded shirts, last week Tuesday (January 31) breached the school’s security and caused havoc on the compound, sending students fleeing as they searched for a student.

This incident reportedly traumatized the student body in addition to the staff, who has expressed concern about safety while at school.

Students were subsequently asked to stay at home for two days last week (Thursday, February 2 and Friday, February 3) as teachers discussed solutions to ensure that this incident does not happen again.

The Ministry of Education expressed outrage at the reprehensible invasion on the school and Education Minister Daryll Matthew said he stands in solidarity with teachers and others in school plants over security issues.

On Monday (February 6) teachers and parents staged protest action outside of the educational institution, which forced classes to end early.

However, the school returned to its normal activities Tuesday morning (February 7).