Two 19-year-olds arrested and held for possession of firearm and matching ammunition, amid increased police vigilance

Police have arrested and taken into custody two young men who
were found to have in their possession an illegal firearm and related

Both youth are 19 years old and residents of Barnes Hill and Ottos,

According to reports, officers were engaged in a stop-and-search
exercise in St. John’s in the early hours of Tuesday, August 1, when
they came across a vehicle in which the pair were seated.
A search of the vehicle was undertaken and a .380 pistol with
matching rounds of ammunition was found.

It was speculated that a Newgate Street business was the pair’s
likely target, but this has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, charges of possession of ammunition and a firearm are
likely to be laid against the duo, while their vehicle has been seized
and taken to Police Headquarters.

As investigations continue into this incident, the Police have stepped
up their patrols and vigilance, especially since the Carnival season is
known as a time for increased criminal activities.