All positions, save three, to be contested at UPP convention, but leadership race will attract greatest attention

The two candidates vying for political leader – the top position
within the United Progressive Party (UPP) – have been busy
campaigning among the Party’s units to garner support for the
important vote.

Vying for the spot are MP Jamale Pringle, the present political leader
and leader of the Opposition, and MP Richard Lewis, the
parliamentary representative for St. John’s Rural West.

This will be Lewis’ second go-around contesting the position. He lost
on the first occasion to former MP Harold Lovell, who held the top
post until he retired from elective politics after the January 2023
General Election.

Pringle, then deputy political leader, succeeded him as the Party’s

Elections for the UPP’s 12th Biennial Convention are set for Sunday,
April 21, when all the executive positions of the Party except three –

general secretary, currently held by Senator Shawn Nicholas; public
relations officer, held by Damani Tabor; and treasurer, for which
Leon George stands uncontested – are up for grabs.

Tabor notes that the post of Party chairman, now held by D.Gisele
Isaac, is being challenged, as well.

Tabor says the Convention Management Committee has been
working hard to ensure the process will not be marred by the
friction this type of contest usually attracts – especially as it pertains
to the leadership race.

UPP Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor.

The convention will be very dynamic, Tabor says, and will prepare
both the membership and the winners to rescue the country and
deliver prosperity and fairness to all.

Participants will leave the event stronger and better equipped to
fight for the people now suffering under this wicked administration,
Tabor concludes.