Reported attack by her passenger sends woman into emergency surgery for head wound

A young woman, Kayla Antonio, has had to undergo emergency
surgery after receiving a life-threatening blow to the head on
Sunday, April 7.

According to reports, a St. John’s Street resident called the Grays
Farm Police Station at about 5 pm that day to report that the
woman was on the roadside at Side Hill and obviously wounded.
Upon arrival at the scene, officers noted that she was lying on the
grass and described her condition as blood “gushing” from her

Antonio informed the police that the wound had been inflicted by
a man whom she had given a ride in her vehicle, and she was able
to provide the officers with the alias of the alleged perpetrator.
Antonio was then rushed to the hospital, where doctors deemed
the injury as life threatening and proceeded to perform
emergency surgery.

The Police are reported to have carried out a search in the
surrounding areas for the alleged offender, but their efforts were
without success.

Several persons have been interviewed, as investigations into the
incident continue.

Meanwhile, in an update on a story carried by REAL News earlier
this week, the Police have arrested and charged 39-year-old
Tanya Thomas of St. Johnstons Village for wounding another
villager, Genel Pryce, with intent to murder.

The incident occurred last Friday, April 5, just after 9 am.
Pryce was stabbed five times in his neck and received a puncture
wound to his throat. He was rushed to the hospital where he
underwent emergency surgery due to the severity of his wounds.