Isaac says ministers’ 14% pay hike cannot be nine days’ talk, while Browne Administration ‘boils a frog’

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is determined that the 14
percent salary increase the Browne Cabinet awarded its ministers
will not become another nine days’ talk before it is forgotten.
“Not while the rest of the Nation struggles to make ends meet,”
says Party Chairman D.Gisele Isaac, who says the move is

She notes that the pay raise comes at a time when some public-
sector workers report they are still waiting to receive the 9
percent increase that took effect in January 2024; when others
say they are still waiting on their back pay; and when retired
persons are yet to see any hike in their pensions.

In an outing on TwinIsland Media last Friday, Isaac likened the
Government’s treatment of the people to “boiling a frog.”
She says the Administration’s offenses are becoming
progressively blatant – that is, turning up the heat – because the
people – like a frog – have displayed a very high tolerance for its
excesses, so far.

However, these latest acts of self-interest have really outraged
most residents, including the Government’s own supporters, she

Isaac’s comments are in line with those of Opposition Leader
Jamale Pringle, who, earlier this week, also described the move as

“Until the people are satisfied – that is, all public servants have
received their back pay and raises; all government pensioners
have gotten their increase; and the minimum wage has become a
‘living wage’ – no increases for any parliamentarians should even
be considered,” Pringle was quoted saying.

In the event that the raise is offered, Pringle and his Parliament
colleagues have already agreed not to accept it, given the fact that
many residents are in dire financial straits.