Names of recently landed Africans being released in the public interest, Government official says

The Government official who threatened to share the names of the more than 400 recently landed Africans says he can no longer stay his hand, since yet another plane load is due to arrive here on Thursday morning, December 29.

Accordingly, he has given permission to REAL News to publish the list containing these visitors’ full names and nationalities.

The official says he recognizes that Antigua and Barbuda is a tourist destination and attempts to cultivate a hospitable and visitor-friendly environment.

However, he says, “we must ensure our Constitution is protected and that not one of these ‘guests’ appears on the Voters List.” Ahead of the impending elections, he is urging all citizens to be vigilant in ensuring that only duly registered persons are allowed to vote.

An attorney also tells REAL News that “witting or unwitting illegal voters” need to be warned that, once caught, they will face the harsh penalties under the law.

REAL News has made the lists available for the enlightenment of the public.

Arriving passengers on December 24th:

Arriving passengers on December 27th: