Second Yorks youth becomes second homicide of 2024; alleged killer being sought by Police

A 22-year-old Yorks Village man was stabbed to death on Tuesday
night, February 13, and the alleged offender is being sought by the

The dead man, according to police reports, has been identified as
Jamal Ryner.
Allegations are that he and a Villa man were involved in an
altercation, during which Ryner was stabbed in the chest with a
sharp implement.

The alleged perpetrator then fled the scene on a bicycle.
The youth was pronounced dead on the scene by District Doctor
Helen Scotland at 9:56 p.m.; and, upon the request of the family,
Coroner Dexter Wason gave permission for the body to be removed
to Straffies Funeral Home.

Reportedly, the killing occurred on Rowan Henry Street in the
vicinity of the H.L. Benjamin Woodworking Shop at about 8:30 p.m.

According to reports, the Police received a report of the stabbing
from a 911 emergency operator, and officers from the Criminal
Investigations Department; the Serious Crimes Unit; and the
Fingerprint and Evidence Recovery Unit (FERU) were quickly
dispatched to the scene.

They met the body of the deceased on its stomach on the southern
side of the road.
Persons who were on the scene say that the young man’s family
members took his death very badly and were in floods of tears.

Earlier reports say the Police conducted a search for the Villa man,
the alleged perpetrator, on Tuesday night, but without success.
Accordingly, he is being encouraged to turn himself in at the nearest
police station.

Anyone with information that could assist with the investigation
into the country’s second homicide of 2024 is asked to contact the
Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913.

Antigua and Barbuda’s first murder occurred on Sunday, January 7,
and involved Kieron “Cracker” Hutson, 24, who was also a Yorks
He was shot to death while attending a function on Christian Street,
Grays Farm.
Although the Police claimed to know who committed that murder,
the person is yet to be taken into custody.

Further, according to the Police, media reports alleged that Hutson’s
murder was a revenge killing and the perpetrator is targeting
another person before he decides to give himself up. That individual,
reportedly, is under careful police watch.
There were 10 homicides recorded in 2023.