APUA promises greater synergy with Ministry of Works to address broken pipes and dug-up roads

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is looking at a closer collaboration with the Ministry of Works, says Ian Lewis, Manager of the Water Business Unit.   The objective is to address the high frequency at which pipes are breaking on a monthly basis.

Members of the public often complain that APUA and the Works Ministry seem to be operating independently. They note that, within days of a roadway being repaired, it is dug up by APUA to deal with leaks or replace pipes.

Lewis says the two Government agencies do communicate and there is a mechanism in place to ensure coordination.

But, he says, it might be difficult at times for the Ministry of Works to effect road repairs   immediately – given  its regular duties – and he notes that water pipes burst very frequently.

Lewis says that an offer was made to the Ministry of Works to have APUA repair some of the roads it has dug up; but this is not allowed, he says.