Girlfriend alleged to have run down her partner with a car in Parham; police investigation underway

A case of attempted murder, in which a car was used as the weapon
of choice, is under police investigation.
A Parham woman reportedly was the victim of the attack, during
which she was struck from behind by another female, allegedly her
Reports say the alleged victim complained to the Parham Police
Station that a Villa woman had slammed her with a Toyota Vitz,

causing her to flip over the car sideways and fall in a gutter, injuring
her back and head in the process. 
This offence reportedly occurred at about 12:45 a.m. on February 19
in Parham. 
Allegations are that the victim and her girlfriend – the supposed
assailant – were involved in a disagreement earlier that night at the
residence of the Villa woman, and the victim picked up her
girlfriend’s cell phone and left. 
It is alleged that, sometime later, the assailant used another phone
to call the Parham woman and informed her that she was at her
residence in Parham, damaging her place. 
The victim, it is alleged, then went to check on her house, where she
observed that her door had been kicked in and damaged. 
However, while on her way to the police station to make a report of
the incident, her girlfriend, who allegedly was driving the Toyota
Vitz, turned on the lights of the vehicle and sped towards her,
striking her from behind with the car. 
Apparently the Parham woman was assisted by a friend out of the
gutter and taken to the Police Station.
Later, she had to be transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical
Centre by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
A search was carried out for the alleged offender, but without