Housebreaker manages to flee with stolen US cash despite being physically tackled by female victim

The Police are investigating a burglary in which a masked intruder
made off with over US$500 in cash despite being attacked by the
Reports say the Bathlodge victim telephoned the Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) and complained that a masked
intruder had broken into her home and stolen US$570.00 belonging
to a woman of the same address.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 3:50 a.m. on February 7.
Further reports say the intruder gained entry via an eastern
bathroom window and made his way to a southern bedroom from
which he stole the money.
Apparently, the victim was awakened by the intruder, whose face
was concealed, but whom she describes as short in stature and
having an Antiguan accent and a stammer. The thief was also
wearing dark clothing.
After he was surprised by the woman, the intruder reportedly made
his exit through the kitchen door, but he was rushed by the victim
and they began to wrestle.
However, a short while later, the thief managed to get away from
her, and he fled the scene in an eastern direction and carrying the
A search was carried out in the surrounding areas for the alleged
offender, but without success.