Hospital doctors discover that 12-year-old girl is pregnant and notify police; child undergoes questioning  

An underaged girl has been found to be pregnant and the Police are
now investigating this incident of unlawful sexual intercourse.
Sources say the pregnancy was discovered by a doctor at the Sir
Lester Bird Medical Centre who notified the Police.
Allegedly, the 12-year-old was taken to the hospital; and after
doctors made the diagnosis, the Criminal Investigations Department
(CID) was alerted, as the law requires.
Reports say the child was questioned by the Police in the presence
of her mother.

Whosoever is responsible for what a source describes as “an
unconscionable and despicable act” faces life imprisonment, which
is the maximum penalty for sex with a girl under 12 years.
However, various circumstances could prevent the perpetrator from
receiving the maximum penalty – especially if this is his first offence.