Commissioner claims outside assistance being sought in probes into Finch and Harris murders

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney has given an update on a number of serious crimes that, reportedly, are still under investigation, including the murders of Jane Finch and Customs Officer Margaret Harris.

Speaking to the death of Finch in her Piccadilly home, Rodney says the Police are trying to source some critical information to help with the probe and to tie certain ends together.  After that, it should move to the next stage.

While the  Police are aiming to have an arrest in this case very shortly, some level of groundwork has to first be done, he says.

To that end, he says, officers have been working with external partners to tie up some loose ends.

Finch, 66, a Canadian who was a longtime resident of Antigua, was found dead at her home on the night of Monday, October 4.

Brittany Jno-Baptiste, 21, was found inside the house and has been placed on remand on a break-in charge, but  has not been charged with the murder.

The Police allege that she illegally entered the Piccadilly home of Finch, whose lifeless body was found on her living room floor with apparent serious injuries.

Jno-Baptiste is expected to return to court on January 26, 2022.  In the interim, the Court has ordered that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Meanwhile, Rodney explains that, although several people were questioned in relation to the homicide, there is yet to be an arrest in the Margaret Harris case. Therefore, that matter, too, remains under investigation.

He says there were some items  discovered out of the probe, and officers are pursuing forensic assistance to conduct analysis on them.

Rodney is still appealing to persons in the Wireless Road area who might have seen or heard something related to that incident to contact the Police.

The lifeless body of 52-year-old Harris was found on the morning of Friday, October 15, in a bushy part of that community.  She reportedly had sustained multiple injuries.

Harris is one of four employees of the Customs and Excise Division who have been attacked since October 2019 and the second to have been killed.