Infestation of bed bugs at 1735 leaves officials wondering where to relocate prisoners so fumigation can be undertaken

An infestation of bed bugs, roaches, and ants at Her Majesty’s Prison reportedly has officials there scratching their heads, since relocation of the hundreds of inmates is presenting a challenge.

Inside sources tell REAL News the presence of vermin is so widespread throughout the prison that it will require an intense fumigation of the cells. However, this will mean that the authorities must find somewhere else to house the inmates for their health and safety during the process.

At the time our Newsroom was alerted, no alternative location had been identified, the source says, but consideration was being given to having the institution fumigated wing by wing.

During an outbreak at the Prison at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, infected inmates were relocated to the Defense Force facility at Crabbes Peninsular.

It is speculated that using those premises again would allow the authorities to address the pest problem sooner. But, until a decision on alternative housing is made, the prisoners will have to put up with the discomfort and health challenges the situation presents, the source says.

Several years ago, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, the Minister responsible for the Prison, announced that a satellite facility would be established at the Prison Farm to house non-violent offenders, thus easing the overcrowding at the penal institution.

A few pre-fabricated structures were erected and the compound was then expected to be fenced. However, that project was never completed.

Meanwhile, a single prisoner – a United Kingdom national – is housed in what some have described as “luxury” at the former US Air Force Base in Coolidge.

As a condition of his extradition here to face rape charges, the Government agreed that he would not be housed at Her Majesty’s Prison because of the inhumane living conditions there.