Derron Campbell arrested and charged for physical attacks on two Lewis males and holding the wife and daughter hostage

The Bendals man who was involved in an overnight, eight-hours-
long hostage situation on Sunday, October 29, has been arrested and
charged for the offence.
Reports say that 42-year-old Derron Campbell faces several charges
as a result of the alleged crime.
The Police have charged him with attempted murder against his 47-
year-old employer, Ovid Lewis of Ferris Farm; for wounding 21-
year-old T-Shawn Lewis, his employer’s son; and for two counts of

unlawful confinement against 38-year-old Kamoy Lewis and her
eight-year-old daughter.

Reportedly, the situation unfolded at about 9:20 p.m. on Sunday
after Ovid offered Campbell a ride home. Allegedly, the Bendals man
had been at his employer’s home during that day.
It was while they were in the vehicle, to leave, that Campbell
reportedly made a certain statement to Ovid, after which the
employer felt a sharp pain to his right rib cage area, looked down,
and saw that he was bleeding.
Campbell then went back into the house and took the man’s wife
and daughter hostage, at knifepoint, and barricaded all three of
them inside a bathroom.
Several police officers later arrived and began to negotiate with
Campbell, attempting to have him release the hostages and
It took the officers just over two hours to negotiate Kamoy’s release
and another five hours before they were able to get her daughter
and take Campbell into custody.
Campbell reportedly had opened the bathroom door to release the
child and give himself up. But, as he was about to change his mind,
two police corporals breached the door, secured the hostage, and
detained Campbell.
Neither the suspect nor the hostages had any signs of physical
injury; but the females had been traumatized by the ordeal.

The Bendals man apparently had cuts on his T-shirt, along with what
are said to be superficial wounds to the chest area, both hands, and
one wrist.