UPP will institute a Water Management Authority that will incorporate best practices from other countries once elected

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is planning to effectively mitigate the country’s water woes by establishing a Water Management Authority once it is elected to public office.

According to Senator Damani  Tabor, with more money at its disposal, a UPP Administration would invest in correcting the troubling water issue, unlike the Gaston Browne Administration.

Although it owed monies to Sembcorp, the Baldwin Spencer Administration was able to make inroads with respect to the water problem, Tabor says.

Tabor says that the establishment of the Water Management Authority would have, as its core mission, the delivery of water throughout the country.

He says that an audit would also be undertaken of APUA in order to eliminate waste, corruption and inefficiencies.

According to the UPP Senator, the new administration will bring a new culture to governance while adopting best practices from other jurisdictions to avoid wastage.

Meanwhile, as the Government undertakes the construction of a reverse osmosis plant at Fort James to the tune of EC$40 million, Tabor says this is a waste of money since no moves have been made to fix the current issues that have resulted in wastage.