Wehner warns residents against ‘selling’ their voter IDs and attempting to secure temporary cards on Election Day

Amidst allegations of money being shared liberally by certain politicians, George Wehner is attempting to persuade residents not to relinquish their voter identification card this election, no matter the size of the inducement offered.

For years, there have been rumours about Antigua Labour Party operatives “buying” voter cards, so that persons who do not support the party are unable to vote on Election Day.

One man has confessed that he and his family accepted $5,000 ahead of the last election and surrendered their cards.  However, following this transaction, he says they experienced both legal battles and sickness – on which all the money was spent.

Wehner, the United Progressive Party (UPP) mobilization officer, is appealing to voters not to fall for this trick again. 

Further, while some people say they plan to take the money and then apply for a temporary card on Election Day, Wehner is warning against it, noting there is no guarantee that they will be able to obtain a temporary card.

Rather, he says, people should just do the right thing and exercise their franchise – for which others have died so that they might have the right to vote.

Meanwhile, Wehner says the issue of politicians buying voter cards seems to be a well organised plan that enjoys the support of some people in authority.

However, since the country has spent nine years waiting to rid itself of the Gaston Browne Administration, Wehner points out that 48 hours is not much longer to wait.