This is no time for fence-sitting, says Jones, who urges voters to go out early, flock the polls, and get rid of ALP Administration

Fabian Jones, a former Senator and a member of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), is encouraging the electorate to go out in their numbers; flock the polls early on Election Day; and rid the country of the Gaston Browne Administration.

With the General Election just two days away, and as the respective political parties are winding up their campaigns, Jones says this is not the time for residents to be fence-sitters, if meaningful change is to be achieved.

He tells voters that the United Progressive Party (UPP) is the right choice to govern and take Antigua and Barbuda to economic prosperity.

Jones says the alleged efforts of the Antigua Labour Party to buy and steal the elections will not work this time around, since the people are fed up with its deception.

According to the BPM advocate, victory is just 48 hours away – at which time the country will be liberated and the heavy cloud lifted from this twin-island nation.