Sources allege that second Choksi-kidnapping plans are underway after private meeting between two Prime Ministers

Following complaints by the Choksi family about the lack of communication from the Police, the Commissioner claims that investigations into Mehul Choksi’s alleged abduction on May 23 have commenced.

Commissioner Atlee Rodney says that quite a bit of investigative work has been done, including interviewing several people. But, in terms of coming to a conclusion and making an arrest in the matter, officers  have not reached that stage as yet, he says.

However, interested persons here and in the international community say that no real investigation is going on.

Since a preliminary report by an officer attached to the Johnsons Point station was made earlier this year, another report was submitted to the Police brass, sources say.  But although the first report substantiated Choksi’s claims of being kidnapped, no action on the matter has been taken locally.

Overseas sources allege, meanwhile, that efforts to remove Choksi from Antigua to India are still being pursued at the highest levels. They claim that a private meeting between the Antigua and Barbuda and India Prime Ministers took place during the Cop 26 meeting held recently in Glasgow.

The sources also claim that a high-level Indian official attended the more-recent conference of police commissioners in Turkey and advanced talks with the Antigua and Barbuda representative there.

The sources allege that current and future generosity from India will be forthcoming as incentives for Antigua and Barbuda in order to seal the deal on Choksi’s hand-over to the Indian authorities, reportedly through Guyana.

They point to the sharing of COVID-19 vaccines – earlier this year – among Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda, as evidence.  Meanwhile, only yesterday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced the acquisition of as many as 25,000 test kits, again from India.

More ominous, the sources say, is the Western Imperial Special Economic Zone, established by Indian national Rajendra  Singh.

They allege that this agreement is intended to influence the outcome of the pending general elections and hint that a significant amount of money – possibly routed through Dubai – will be spent here.

Accordingly, a source in the United Kingdom claims, the failure of the Police to advance local investigations is deliberate, since the political authorities here knew of the abduction plot in advance and are hoping to replicate it.

In the meantime, Choksi remains at his Jolly Harbour residence and has to notify the Dominica court – which repatriated him here after his alleged kidnapping and torture – on his medical progress.  His matter comes up again in Dominica in January 2022.