Four students named to Top Three spots in 2023 CSEC exams: two from St. Joseph’s Academy and two from Baptist Academy

This year, the Ministry of Education has named four students to the
Top Three positions in the 2023 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary
Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC), Director of Education,
Clare Browne, has announced.

The top student is D’Aundre Samuel of St. Joseph’s Academy, with 23
subjects – 21 ones and two twos.

In second place is Adrian Judnarine, also a student of the St. Joseph’s
Academy, who secured 26 subjects: 19 ones and seven twos.
Two students are tied for the third place position: From the Baptist
Academy of Antigua, they are Stephanie Archibald and Tianna
Bretney with 20 subjects each: 18 ones and two twos.
Browne has explained why the results are being released this late
compared to previous years.
He notes that it is due to the close results from the 2023
examinations, which saw several candidates querying their grades
with the Caribbean Examinations Council.

Director of Education Clare Browne.
Director Browne has offered congratulations to the students, their
parents, and their schools, adding, “We beseech that these students
continue to be ambassadors of excellence.”