Education Ministry prepares 50 prospective teachers to fill gaps created by educators who do not return to public service

The Ministry of Education is preparing for the possibility that some teachers may not return to work on Friday, October 1, when the Government’s vaccine mandate comes into full effect. 

The Cabinet has announced that it is prepared to hire substitute workers, including teachers, to fill any gaps created by those who do not return to the service. 

Therefore, on September 29, the Ministry commenced a three-day Pre-Service Teacher Preparation Programme with 50 prospective educators. 

E. Jonah Greene, the Deputy Director of Education, explains that an assessment is underway and, if necessary, participants in the Preparation Programme will serve as substitute teachers, in the first instance. It is also possible that they will secure full-time employment in the Civil Service. 

Greene says these persons possess the skill-sets that will be critical to increase the country’s human capital. However, they must first acquire the prerequisite skills to enter the classroom as teachers and role models. 

Meanwhile, Director of Education Clare Browne, challenged the participants to ask themselves why they believe they are capable of becoming teachers. 

Browne says that a teacher determines who a student becomes – not just professionally but generally. 

He says children learn more from the hidden – than the written – curriculum; therefore it is imperative that those entering the profession be prepared for shaping human life. 

The Programme was facilitated by technical officers in the Education Ministry and will continue for the week. 

Those selected reportedly have all applied for teaching positions and were interviewed and shortlisted.