Hodge complains about dug-up roads in Buckleys and fears an ALP Gov’t will leave them undone until next election cycle

Businesswoman J.Valerie Hodge is complaining about the condition of the roads in the Montrulla and Buckleys communities, as pipes to a water-storage unit are being planted.

Hodge, the managing director of the Shirley Heights Lookout, says the roads outside her home have been dug up to facilitate the laying of water pipes, and the debris has been left outside her property and that of a neighbour.

She notes that the authorities continue to dig up the roads ahead of the General Elections, and there is no way that some of them will be completed before the January 18 polls.

If the repairs are not completed and the Antigua Labour Party remains in office, Hodge says, the roads will remain that way for another five years – only to be looked at again in the lead-up to another General Election.

In Hodge’s opinion, the Gaston Browne Administration has done nothing meaningful for the people; yet, it is requesting a third term in office.

Accordingly, she is admonishing residents to go out to the polls, come January 18, and vote for a change, good governance, and proper roads –not only during an election cycle.