Faithful Nationals group continues protest action against ruin of Dunbars, which former director says, ‘pains her to tears’

Members of the Faithful Nationals group turned out to picket the
Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday morning, January 10, in
opposition to the Browne Administration’s destruction of the
Dunbars Agricultural Station.
Members of the United Progressive Party (UPP), along with farmers
and other concerned citizens, joined the action bearing placards.
REAL News correspondent George Wehner was on the scene and
spoke with MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon about his reasons for taking
part in the protest.

Simon says he is standing in solidarity with the people who are
affected by the “repurposing” of the agricultural lands for residential

Former Director of Agriculture Jennifer Maynard was also at the
picket, supporting the position of the Faithful Nationals. She says
she is “pained to tears” when she considers what the Gaston Browne
Administration is doing to the agriculture sector.
Displaying a placard that reads “Food Security is a Must, We Can’t
Eat House,” Maynard notes that the Dunbars Agricultural Station has
many soil types, a fact that is vital to food security.

The former agriculture director is already foreseeing a disaster
occurring from this move. According to her, what is distressing
about the development is that the prime minister signed a “Save the
Soil” agreement last year, and now an area with at least seven soil
types is being destroyed.

That was the former Director of Agriculture Jennifer Maynard.