Police remove protestors from Ministry of Agriculture premises, saying their presences breaches the Public Order Act

As the Faithful Nationals held their picket on Wednesday morning,
January 10, the Police were dispatched to the scene to ask that they
remove themselves from the Ministry of Agriculture premises.
The protestors had converged on the Ministry’s headquarters,
located on Independence Drive, in objection to the destruction of the
Dunbars Agricultural and Research Station.
However, gathering on the compound allegedly was in breach of
the Public Order Act, and this was pointed out to them by a senior
police officer.
Apparently, in the Act, the location qualifies as a “scheduled place,”
and this does not permit protest action to take place on the
The senior law-enforcement officer, Assistant Commissioner of
Police Clifton Cabral – who, observers say, always shows up
wherever United Progressive Party (UPP) members are – had an
exchange with REAL News correspondent George Wehner: 

Those were the voices of George Wehner and ACP Clifton Cabral.