Lawmen carry out drug bust after Port warehouse is breached and find 13 pounds of cannabis; resident suspects a conspiracy

Following the removal of what are believed to be packages of drugs from a Port Authority warehouse early Thursday morning, law-enforcement officers conducted a successful drug-interdiction operation at the Port a few hours later. 

After receiving a report of the security breach, the break-in at a warehouse, and the removal of suspected illegal items from a barrel, officers went on duty at the Deep Water Harbour at about 7 a.m.  on June 1.

Personnel from the Narcotics Department and the Customs Enforcement Unit were part of the exercise conducted at the Cargo Shed. 

During the operation, two blue barrels were searched, and 13 vacuumed-sealed packages, each containing cannabis, were found. 

The substance was weighed and determined to be 13 pounds, carrying an estimated street value of $104,000.

The two barrels and with their contents were later taken to Police Headquarters pending further investigation.

A businesswoman who has been following these reports closely says, once again, that there “has to be a conspiracy involving somebody high up.”

First, she says, it is “more than strange” that an intruder was able to remove items from a locked warehouse overnight – “without even hiding to do it” – when legitimate business people are subjected to such strict security procedures “in broad day.”

Second, she says she is convinced that the drug bust later that morning was a move to “remove competition.”

Finally, she is asking “for the hundredth time,” she says, why the officers are not allowing the suspicious barrels to be cleared and then bringing charges against the persons claiming them.  

“If you notice,” she says, “investigations are always ongoing; but how often do you hear of anybody being arrested, charged, or prosecuted for these drugs?”