After the country has not recorded any cases of the COVID-19 virus for about two weeks, people are now concerned that an event held on Sunday, June 20, at Shirley Road in St. Johnstons Village, poses the risk of being a super-spreader event.
Reportedly, a number of people had gathered at the spot – more than the regulated 25 capacity – and were drinking and partying until the Police showed up.

The party-goers reportedly did not want to disperse from the area and therefore became rowdy. In the tumult that followed, persons pelted stones that damaged a police vehicle, and several persons were arrested, as a result.
A video in circulation shows what unfolded at the event.
In the footage, persons are heard shouting at the Police, and it also appears that a struggle is taking place as the lawmen attempt to take people away.
A woman tells REAL News that it is the reckless behaviour of individuals like these that will cause the spread of the COVID-19 disease.
She says it appears that persons were not wearing masks, and notes that, in some cases, persons have the virus and do not know since they do not present with any symptoms. She says many people believe that, because they are vaccinated, they no longer have to follow the protocols.
This, however, is not the case, since Health officials have been advocating for the continued use of face masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing.
The woman further believes that the upcoming fete – slated for mid-July – will further embolden others to host events, themselves, in spite of the health and legal risks.

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