The Ministry of Health is seeking to ramp up its vaccination campaign to ensure that the majority of the population becomes vaccinated.
To this end, the Ministry will increase the operating hours this week for the most central vaccination location at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre.
The Perry Bay location will commence operating from 7am to 5pm today (Tuesday, June 22) until this Friday (June 25).
Additionally, the centre will operate on Saturday, (June 26 from) 7am to 3pm.
Health officials say that, “The increased operating hours at the central location in St. John’s matches the public’s demand for more time allotment for vaccination.”
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health says that it will also decentralize the vaccination centres for easier access this week.
Beginning tomorrow (Wednesday June 23), the mobile vaccination unit will be back in Falmouth at the Bailey’s Supermarket parking lot from 9am to 3pm.
The unit will then move to the Woods Mall parking lot on Thursday (June 24) from 9am to 3pm. And on Friday (June 25) it will be located at the MBS Pharmacy on Nevis Street, where free screenings will be offered for blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
The final stop for the mobile unit will be at the Bolans Primary School on Saturday (June 26) from 7am to 3pm.
The Ministry of Health says that the additional four vaccination centres- The Villa Polyclinic, the Glanvilles Polyclinic, The Precision Center and the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre will continue to operate simultaneously during this time.
All vaccination sites offer both first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
In the meantime, those persons who are set to receive their second dose of the vaccine in July are being asked to get it done this month, in order to avoid spoilage of the vaccine, which expires at the end of this month.
Close to 36,000 people have been administered the first dose of the vaccine to date, while almost 27,000 have been given their second jab.

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