Officer involved in shooting incident is relieved of firearm but still on active duty

The police officer who was involved in a shooting incident over a
rented vehicle has had his service revolver confiscated, even as he
reportedly remains on active duty.

Allegedly, officers who were assigned to probe the shooting incident
relieved the acting sergeant of his firearm, along with two
magazines, one containing a single round and the other 13 rounds.
The officer – a resident of Cashew Hill – was also instructed to see
Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney at 8 a.m. last Monday,
December 4, reports claim. However, there have been no reports of
how this interaction went and, allegedly, the officer is still on active

There have not been any reports of charges proffered being against
him, either.

Sources say that a report of the shooting incident had been made by
a Follies resident at the Willikies Police Station.

Reportedly, he told officers he had witnessed an unknown male
exiting a vehicle and shooting at the tyres of another vehicle at
about 9 a.m. on December 3, in the vicinity of Emerald Cove.
As a result of the report, officers from the “B” Division visited the
scene. Upon their arrival, they reportedly observed a white Toyota
Mark X motorcar, registration A 43684, parked off the northern side
of the road and facing east.

The officers reportedly examined the vehicle and noted several
bullet holes in the left rear door of the car, near the handle. 
Apparently, there were several spent shells on the ground on the
southern side of the motorcar.

Reports say that a 48-year-old Hodges Bay man and his 31-year-old
girlfriend, a resident of Liberta, were questioned by the Police about
the incident.

There are allegations that a child was also inside the vehicle at the
time of the shooting.