Allen’s statements about UPP defamed no person, Symister says, but demonstrate the level of panic among ALP agents

Leon Chaku Symister is describing the latest Troy Allen rant on Pointe FM as the lowest level of political propaganda ever seen in the history of Antigua and Barbuda.

In his radio programme earlier this week, Allen alleged that the United Progressive Party (UPP) has committed, and is set to commit, a spate of criminal activity.  

However, Symister, an attorney, says the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) mouthpiece and radio host did not defame any specific person during his tirade.  Rather, he adds, Allen’s behaviour clearly demonstrates the level of panic being felt by agents of the ALP.

Symister notes that he has been around political parties, elections and campaigns over several decades, and never before has he seen this level of desperation and this type of attack on opponents.

He says he finds it interesting that Allen admits to having information on criminal activities that are likely to take place. Therefore, the attorney says, the Police need to call Allen in – not to arrest him, but for assistance in investigating these matters and to prevent such incidents.  

Meanwhile, Symister says he is appalled that no member of the Labour Party has condemned Allen’s spurious claims.

What is very unfortunate about this case, the attorney adds, is that the Party has no legal recourse in the civil court at this time, since Allen did not name anyone in his accusations.

If Allen is unable to provide these names or any information to the Police, Symister continues, then a determination must be made on whether he has committed any criminal breach of the law.

In the meantime, Symister says the UPP is a peaceful political organization that has never been associated with violence and never resorted to such means.

He speculates that the radio host might be projecting – since it could be the intention of the other side to commit these acts, after which the audience would say that Allen had told them it would happen.

Again, Symister says he is hoping the Police will take this matter seriously and investigate the claims.  But he admits that he doubts this will happen, since some officers are not proactive.

In a press release issued on Thursday, October 20, the UPP also called on Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney to investigate these spurious allegations with a view to uncovering what Allen knows about such criminal activity.

Rodney is being called upon to do the right thing, without fear or favour.