Tabor says absolutely nobody believes Thursday’s Throne Speech reference to discretionary waivers

The Throne Speech delivered on Thursday, December 7, represents
a short list of broken promises, says Damani Tabor, the public
relations officer for the United Progressive Party (UPP).
Critics have said that Governor General Sir Rodney Williams
presented a speech that was vacuous and filled with past
achievements, but failed to outline any measures that would ease
the current suffering of the people.

Tabor agrees, noting that not even Sir Rodney appeared to be
convinced by what he was saying.
Tabor says that one of the most obviously unbelievable promises
made in the Throne Speech is the line that pertains to the
discretionary waivers of taxes.
The audience has heard this in the past, he says; so if it actually had
been done there would have been no need to mention it again.