Pringle promises that a UPP Administration will beef up Public Accounts Committee so that it can function according to law

Once it attains public office, the United Progressive Party (UPP) is promising to ensure that the Public Accounts Committee is equipped with more human resources to effectively carry out its legal functions.
The body is now headed by Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle, who is also the Deputy Political Leader of the UPP.
Pringle says that a UPP Administration is prepared to add more staff to the Committee, which is generally responsible for scrutinizing the value earned for money spent; the economy; the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending; and holding the Government and civil service to account for the delivery of public services.
He says the Committee has not been able to effectively do its job, as prescribed by the Constitution, for several reasons – including the fact that the Browne Administration has not been following the law.
Efforts to obtain the financial records for certain government entities have been futile, and written requests have been ignored, Pringle says.
However, he promises that the UPP will be “doing things by the book;” and, as such, more human resources will be required to tackle the volume of work caused by the backlog of reports,.
Pringle notes that other political and personal commitments, which are not unique to his tenure, have also impacted the Committee being able to convene on a regular basis.
However, he is promising that the body will meet this month in order to continue the people’s work and to hold the Government accountable.