Corruption at Medical Benefits Scheme mirrors the dishonesty taking place under the Browne Administration, Symister says

Allegations of corruption are being leveled against the Medical
Benefits Scheme (MBS), and some persons say the happenings there
could render the former scandal at the Scheme insignificant.
Attorney Leon Chaku Symister says sources have spoken to him
about the issues taking place at the statutory corporation,
particularly an incident in which rent was being paid to relatives of
a government minister.
Based on the results of an audit, Symister alleges that the Scheme
was paying rent for apartments that were unoccupied. Reportedly,
the apartments, located in Ebenezer, were said to be occupied by
medical professionals; but that turned out not to be the case, he
Symister says that Antigua and Barbuda, at this time, is at its lowest
and is riddled with corruption taking place in all quarters.

However, it will take a change of government to reveal the true
picture of the dishonesty that has been taking place; those behind it;
and those who have benefitted from the corruption.
This could be the reason the Browne Administration is so desperate
to hold onto power, and went as far as using taxpayers’ money to
win an election, other sources claim.
According to Symister – who is the United Progressive Party (UPP)
spokesman on legal matters – the Party is ready to take over
governance of this country and correct the wrongs that have taken
place under this administration.
Meanwhile, despite the fact that no board of directors has been put
in place at the MBS, sources allege that the former chairman
continues to conduct business from the MBS Headquarters, where
he maintains a private office.