Rains expose shortcomings of recent road repairs; Tabor says a UPP Administration will make history of such shoddy work

As the Ministry of Works reviews its schedule of work for the
improvement of the road infrastructure, Damani Tabor, the public
relations officer (PRO) of the United Progressive Party (UPP) says
the Labour Party Government continues to make promises it will not
Although several of the major road networks have been
rehabilitated in recent times, some have fallen into a poor condition,
and the recent heavy rains have exposed the shoddy work.
Potholes have been created, or made worse, creating hazards for
drivers who have to dodge them – sometimes pulling onto the side
of oncoming traffic to do so.
Other roads that were hurriedly patched before the January 18
General Election have also been exposed, leading critics to conclude
that the taxpayers’ money has been wasted.
Tabor asserts that no meaningful work will be done under the
Browne Administration, and therefore residents should continue to
throw their support behind the United Progressive Party, which, he
reminds them, puts “people first.”  
He says the necessary change will come in the next General Election
and this type of substandard work will become a thing of the past.
Last week, the Cabinet reported that it will to allocate more
resources to the Ministry of Works to augment its road programme.
Work will continue, the Executive claims, on the road leading to the
Cades Bay Bridge, while much-needed attention to the Rural South
network and the Tyrells Main Road is promised. The recent rains
have opened up several dangerous potholes along the latter stretch.