Senator Joseph appeals to vulnerable residents of St. Mary’s North to secure their homes and evacuate ahead of Tammy

Senator Johnathan Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP)
caretaker for St. Mary’s North, is appealing to constituents
–especially those in flood-prone areas, including Cashew Hill and
Bathlodge – to relocate to higher ground ahead of the impending
Hurricane Tammy.
Several locations in the constituency have experienced severe
flooding during storms or heavy rainfall, and Joseph is concerned
about the safety of residents.

As a result, he was out and about on Friday morning, with officials
from the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS), trying to
convince persons not to stay in the flood-prone areas, but to go to a
shelter or stay with relatives or friends.
With the volume of rainfall expected, Joseph says that persons’ lives
could be at risk if they fail to leave home for safer areas.

Before they evacuate, however, he is reminding residents to secure
their possessions and, where possible, to place objects high enough
to avoid water damage in case of flooding.
He adds that they should also turn off their main switches in
expectation of electricity fluctuations.
Meantime, the UPP caretaker is concerned that the debris from the
last storm, Philippe – which was not removed – could create
problems in certain areas.