Four females – including a nine-year-old – allege they were sexually assaulted this week; police investigations underway

Law-enforcement officials are investigating at least four allegations
of sexual assault on females that occurred this week, with the
youngest alleged victim being only nine years-old.

Sources say the child was indecently assaulted by a masked man. It
is alleged that he took the girl to a private location in the Rural West
constituency and touched her chest inappropriately.
The unknown man is alleged to have approached the child after she
left school, sometime after 3 p.m. Reportedly, he held her by the
hand, covered her mouth, and took her to the location, where he
kissed her on the cheek and touched her improperly.  
This incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, September 28.

It is alleged that the man was dressed in a red shirt and black pants
and wore a mask that covered his face.

The child later reported the matter to her mother, who made a
complaint to the Police.

Meanwhile, the alleged rape of a 15-year-old girl is also being
On Thursday, September 28, the alleged victim’s mother took her to
the Special Victims Unit and reported that the teen had been raped
by a known male.
This offence reportedly occurred between July 1 and 31.
The teenager has already given the Police certain information and a
statement has been taken from her.
In addition, officers are looking into a sexual assault involving a 14-
year-old girl, whose mother reported that she had been sexually
assaulted by a known male about two weeks ago.  
Finally, on September 22, an adult female complained to the Police
that she had been indecently assaulted by a known male, reportedly
on September 14. The woman has already given the Police a
statement on the incident.