St. Mary’s South residents go onstage and deliver ringing endorsements of ‘Shugy’ Simon

The residents of St. Mary’s South continue to show their love and
support for the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate, Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon.
At the public rally held Thursday night, September 21, two young
men, who were identified as Shane and Rick, endorsed Simon and
spoke about his generosity and love of people.
Shane, who says he has known Simon for upwards of 15 years,
describes him as a decent, pleasant and serious person who can get
the job done.

He says the people of the South will not be fooled by the deception
being employed by the Antigua Labour Party and its candidates.

According to him, the St. Mary’s South constituents do not like
handouts, which is the strategy constantly being used by the Labour
Party in order to secure votes.
Another young man, Rick, who has known Simon for over 25 years,
having attended school with him, also describes him as humble and
He says that Simon is everything Dwayne George, his political
opponent and former friend, is not.
According to Rick, Simon is an anointed man of God who has been
given wisdom, and has the vision to take the constituency to a level
it had not been under the tenure of former MP Samantha Marshall.
Hence, he is admonishing fellow constituents that, on by-election
day, they should make the right choice and re-elect Simon to
Parliament, since he genuinely cares about the people and not self-