ECAB apologizes to disgruntled customers and says it is committed to doing better; PM says ‘better late than never’

The board and management of the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated
Bank Limited (ECAB) are acknowledging that its services have been
less than adequate and an apology is being offered to customers.

Customers who bank at ECAB, especially those who had previously
been with Scotiabank, have been complaining about the bank’s poor
customer service, including transaction delays and out-of-service
In an open letter to its customers dated September 21, 2023, the
bank says it recognizes that its service delivery has not always been
in keeping with its high standards.
The bank, which has been under pressure from its customers to do
better – and criticism from Prime Minister Gaston Browne – says it
has listened to their concerns and has been diligently working
towards improving their experience.
According to the bank, it successfully completed the migration of
customer accounts during the integration phase. However, there
were necessary changes to be made and unexpected challenges
encountered as part of the process.
Addressing its vendors and other stakeholders, ECAB says there is a
need to resolve all outstanding issues with urgency. It notes that it
has also hired additional staff to meet the demands of its operations
and to enhance overall customer satisfaction.
To those customers who have been affected by the many issues,
ECAB says it deeply apologizes for the inconvenience caused.
Meanwhile, PM Browne, who had been calling for the resignation of
Craig Walter, the chairman of ECAB, again took to Facebook – this
time to say, “Better late than never.”
Browne says this is a “movement in the right direction, reassuring
customers of their commitment to provide better service.”

ECAB took over the operations of Scotiabank on September 1, 2021,
after the Canadian bank indicated that it would be selling its
operations to Trinidad and Tobago’s Republic Financial Holdings
Prime Minister Browne had insisted that banks in Antigua and
Barbuda should have the right of first refusal and pushed for
Scotiabank to be sold to a local bank.