After COVID experience, Workers’ Union continues to advocate for the creation of a severance fund for employees’ protection

The Antigua and Barbuda Worker’s Union (ABWU) is again pushing
for a severance fund to be established in Antigua and Barbuda.
The Union, during its recently concluded 56 th  delegates’ conference,
pondered the establishment of this law in order to protect workers.
David Massiah, general secretary of the Union, says it was the
advent of the COVID-19 pandemic that opened the Union’s eyes to
how much such a fund is needed.
He points out that many workers – including the former LIAT and
CAS employees – have been disadvantaged – as, some three years
later, they are await the settlement of their severance payments.

Meanwhile, Massiah says the trade union has experienced failures
and struggles and also had its fair share of disappointments and
challenges – but these have not stopped its movement.
He says the courage, strength and unity of workers have carried the
Union and enabled it to improve awareness of workers’ importance,
as well as to educate and strengthen international ties for the
freedom of association.
The Union, he adds, will soldier on in the fight for workers and their
rights, which are slowly being reduced by discrimination, high
prices, disrespect by leaders, and wage theft.
While the future might look dim, Massiah says, the Workers Union
will not give up.