Lovell dismisses ALP candidate’s promise of a monthly stipend for SMS small businesses as nonsense

Harold Lovell, former political leader of the United Progressive
Party (UPP), is calling on Prime Minister Gaston Browne to name the
by-election date in St. Mary’s South (SMS), and rubbishing promises
made by Antigua Labour Party candidate Dwayne George.
Speaking on Thursday night, September 21, at a rally in Urlings,
Lovell reported that George is promising every small business in the
constituency a stipend of $500 a month – which he dismissed a

While George is making this promise, civil servants cannot get their
promised raises or back pay, and former LIAT and CAS workers have
not been paid their severance for over three years, Lovell notes.
The former political leader is asking what survey was undertaken to
determine the needs of these businesses, and why SMS would be the
only constituency to benefit when there are other struggling small
businesses around the country.
He says it is apparent that George has no understanding of how
Government works.
Meanwhile, Lovell says that PM Browne appears to be running
scared and is afraid to announce the by-election date, as he was with
the announcement of the General Election.

But no amount of time-buying will prevent the Labour Party
candidate from receiving a thorough beating at the hands of Simon,
Lovell predicts.
Lovell took the opportunity, as he came to the podium, to affirm his
support for UPP candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon as the right choice
for St. Mary’s South.