Lovell expresses confidence in Sunwing International’s takeover of Halcyon since investor was introduced by UPP Gov’t

The Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) says that Sunwing International’s  takeover of the Halcyon Hotel property is a positive move that could provide much-needed jobs for local residents.

The Cabinet announced last week that the investor, Steven Hunter, is planning on turning the now-rundown property into a world-renowned five-star resort.

Reports are that the north wing of the old Halcyon Hotel has been demolished, making way for 250 new rooms during the first phase of the reconstruction.

Harold Lovell, who was a former minister of tourism, says the UPP welcomes any realistic project – since the Gaston Browne Administration has brought very few performing investors to the table.

However, he is optimistic that this project will get off the ground, since the principal of Sunwing International was brought to Antigua and Barbuda by the UPP Government.

Lovell says that a UPP Administration will continue to attract reputable investors, so that the economy can rebound while providing meaningful employment for residents.

Meanwhile, UPP Senator Damani Tabor is also expressing optimism that Sunwing International will succeed with this project – again, because the investor was initially sourced by the Baldwin Spencer Administration.

The second phase of the development will see bungalows being built on the hillsides above the hotel. Both construction phases will employ more than 450 workers, and each is expected to last more than two years.

Halcyon opened its doors to visitors around 1960 – some 62 years ago – and was then called the Caribbean Beach Club (CBC).