National Parks mourns loss of drowned man, as more details of incident emerge

Condolences continue to pour in for the family of Winston Courtney “Zyie” Charles, who lost his life in tragic circumstances while fishing over the weekend.

The National Parks Authority is expressing condolences to the family and friends of Charles, who reportedly drowned while fishing on Sunday, June 12.

His body was pulled from the waters off the rocky coastline below Shirley Heights, by the Coast Guard, on Sunday morning, some two and a half hours after he was reported missing.

While the circumstances surrounding his death are being investigated, the Authority’s board and management say they wish to identify with the loss that those closest to Charles are presently feeling.

Charles is described as a “[relative] to members of …staff and the National Parks has sought out his handiwork as a skilled electrician in the past,” a release says.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with family, friends and all of Liberta who are touched by this heart-breaking loss of a valued and well-loved member of the community,” the statement adds.

Charles, 51, who cannot swim, reportedly fell into the water while fishing with a friend.

Reports are that his 40-year-old fishing mate made attempts to pull Charles from the water as he was still holding the fishing line — but it eventually snapped.

Attempts were reportedly made to use a stronger line to pull him to shore; but Charles, of Table Hill Gordon, Liberta, panicked and could not hold onto the line. He eventually sank beneath the water and did not resurface.

The Police were then notified of the incident.