Vitz driver loses control during alleged race, with witnesses saying flips and fire were ‘like a movie’

The Traffic and Fire Departments are investigating an accident
involving a Vitz motor car that burst into flames after flipping
several times.
It is alleged that the vehicle, along with another Vitz, was part of a
race in the Horsford Hill area on Tuesday morning, September 12.
Reportedly, one driver lost control of his car and it began to flip
multiple times, eventually landing next to the gate of a nearby
Reports say the vehicle then burst into flames.
It is alleged that the driver of another vehicle, a blue car that was not
part of the race, was forced to swerve to avoid the tumbling car that
was headed toward him.

To avoid being hit by the black Vitz, the man hurriedly turned onto a
nearby side road, but ended up slamming into a fence.
Meanwhile, the driver of the Vitz suffered some injuries – but eye
witnesses are surprised that the incident was not fatal, given the
number of times the vehicle rolled before bursting into flames.
Some persons say the incident was remarkably like an action movie
in the way the vehicle became airborne and then began to flip.
Thick plumes of black smoke billowed from the burning car before
emergency vehicles from the Fire Department arrived on the scene
and extinguished the blaze.